International Female Congress «Women are the strategic resource of humanity».

From the 21st to 23rd of August the I International Female Congress “Women are the strategic resource of humanity” will take place in Kazan in the Hotel, Shopping and Entertainment Mall “Korston”.

The main aim of the International Female Congress is in: involving of women from Russia and countries-partners in the process of economics modernization, showing an immense potential that women who work in different areas of business have, joining and consolidation of activity for creation propitious investment climate, formation of atmosphere of creative searching and supporting of projects, demanded by present time.

Other aims are: the world experience generalizing – positive and negative, working out new effective models of communications, to learn how to solve actual economic problems. The Congress will influence positively at further development of partnership and friendship between the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia and foreign partners.  

The main subject is Women are the strategic resource of humanity”.

The International Female Congress is running with a support of the Council of the Federation, State Duma of the Russian Federation, President of Tatarstan, Eurasian Economic Commission and the City Mayor’s Office.  The event participants will be women-leaders: heads and top-managers of companies, represented different fields of business, women – deputies of different levels, heads of State government body, heads of funds and public organizations, including female organizations from all around the world: “Women of United Nations”, “UNESCO”, “African Businesswomen Association” and others.   Diplomatic missions and interested parties from more than 20 countries have already confirmed their participation in the Congress, including Brazil, China, Sweden, the Great Britain, Benin, Iran, Algeria, Nigeria and others. More than 600 people will take part in the Congress.

The III Forum of Businesswomen of the Republic of Tatarstan will run in the frameworks of the International Female Congress.

Organizers of the International Female Congress are: Tatar Regional Public Organization “Businesswomen of the Republic of Tatarstan”, Agency of Information and Business Communications “AIDK”, Regional Public Organization “Women of Tatarstan” and Association of enterprises of small and middle business of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Venue – Kazan City, theHotel, Shopping and Entertainment Mall “Korston” (1 N.Yershova str.)

All information you can get by phone: + 7 (843) 238-04-84;

e-mail: info@kongress-woman.com

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