Russie : démographie étrangère et origine de la mère

Citoyenneté dominante (majoritaire) des femmes étrangères qui ont donné naissance à un enfant en Russie par région sur l’année 2019.

Запись опубликована автором в рубрике 2020, Démographie, Journal d'un Frussien, Russie mutiethnique.

Об авторе Alexandre Latsa

I was born in 1977 in the south west of France but lived all my life abroad, in Africa (Congo) where I went to the French school. In 2008 I moved to Russia by personal choice. I consider myself Frussian. I decided to develop the blog Dissonance, intending to provide with another understanding of Russia. This Frussian Diary deals with nowadays’ Russia, geopolitical topics, or other such as demography and migrations. I co-wrote the book «Putin’s new Russia» (available in english and russian), «Myths about Russia«, avaialble only in Russian and «A Russian Sprnig» available in French. Please feel welcome to contact me by mail Изменить

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