Demography, Labour Market and Immigration in Russia (May 2020)

A bit of Demography, Labour Market and Immigration.

According toMVD

215.901 people received Russian citizenship (67% being ukrainians) from January to April 2020, comparing with 85.937 during the same period last year;

6.448 HQS (ВКС) were delivered, comparing with 10.227 for the same period in 2019.

2 248 working permit were delivered, comparing with 5 570 for the same period last year.

559.055 Patents delivered comparing 600.267 for the same period last year.

49.433 Temporary resident permit (РВП), comparing with 77 362 for same period last year.

80 545 Permanent resident permit (ВНЖ) comparing with 60 414 for same period last year.

88 014 people were denied to enter Russia, VS 86.578 for the same period last year.

If this trend keeps going on Russia may gain 1 million new citizens this year, including 600 000 or 700 000 ukrainians.



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