Help Maidan, Help Hong Kong?

Maidan : 02/2014.
A very young, pure, modern (western) and communicative ukrainian girl explains in English : “We want to be free from a dictatorship … Free from politicians who work only for themselves… We want to live a normal life, we are civilized people but our people are barbarians … This is not Soviet union … (…)  We want to be free … (…) Please help us and share this videos to your friend, families, governements …

(Support human rights in Ukraine) – (Fight for freedom and democracy).

Hong Kong : 09/2014.
A very young, pure, modern (western) and beautiful Hong kongese girl explains in English : “We want free elections … (…) We are peaceful people (…) Please help us since you have free elections choices and do have democracy which we don’t …(….)

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