Putin’s new Russia (the book)

Press Release: the book “Putin’s New Russia” is available.
The  editors Jon Hellevig and Alexandre Latsa have brought in a host of contributors that have the independence and courage to speak out against the willful and malicious propaganda war against Russia in which the western media is an all too willing accomplice with its gross double standards, hypocrisy and venal  stupidity. Most of the contributors, a true “coalition of theттunwilling”, have experienced at firsthand the years of anarchy and the emergence of the normal country under Putin. They comprise mostly Western scholars, businessmen and analysts like: Eric Kraus, Patrick Armstrong, Jon Hellevig, Alexandre Latsa, Mark Chapman, Anatoly Karlin, Nils van der Vegte,
Aleksander Grishin, and Craig James Willy.
The book is published by American non-profit NGO “Kontinent USA” 1800 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20009 US-Russia.org
The book is now coming out in both print and as an e-book that You can download here.
A Russian version is due later in the fall.
For a reader of dominant western media all the received myths about Putin and Russia which the media has so deceitfully cultivated during the last ten years will be  thoroughly uprooted. The reader is offered a fresh and new view on virtually everything you may think you know about contemporary Russia: its political system, leaders, economy, population, so-called opposition, foreign policy and much more. It will emerge that much of it is either seriously flawed or just plain wrong. This has not happened by accident. This book explains why it happened. 
Putin’s New Russia not only provides a more balanced view of Russia’s post-Soviet history, but it also shames the vast majority of western journalists who have covered Russia over the past two decades, and the so-called “expert Russia watchers” employed by faux NGOs and think-thanks. These are two circles of people who reinforce the same tired and fundamentally flawed interpretation of just about everything related to Russia. Both claim to inform, but what they really do is to disinform the western public so as cast Putin and Russia in the image of an enemy with all the leeway it allows for furthering their geopolitical goals. The contributors to this book contest the
image presented by the mainstream press. The book exposes the bogus rhetoric of Western governments, their special purpose think-tanks and NGOs. It brings to light the misuse by them of such lofty terms as “democracy”, “human rights” and “civil society” as a front in the service of achieving geopolitical advantage.
Publications Details

First edition published 2012
Copyright Jon Hellevig and Alexander Latsa

Cover by Alexandra Mozilova on motive of painting by Ilya Komov
Printed at Printing house “Citius”
ISBN 978-0-9883137-0-5
Price of printed book: 20 euros

Where to buy
The book is on sale at Kontinent USA office in Moscow, Arbat 15
The book can be ordered from the webstore Ruslania.com worldwide:
Make a search for the book ID 10002468
Tel +358 9 2727070
E-mail: Ruslania@ruslania.com

Link https://www.ruslania.com/context-321/entity-1/details-120041/language-1.html

The book can be ordered from this address: putinsnewrussia@gmail.com
Instructions will be sent by the return e-mail

Media Requests

Jon Hellevig – Mobile +7 495-5170969 – jon.krister.hellevig@gmail.com
Alexander Latsa – Mobile + 7 916-3747546 – alexandre.latsa@gmail.com

Edward Lozansky – Mobile +7 495-5097346 – lozansky@gmail.comLinks

3 thoughts on “Putin’s new Russia (the book)

  1. Anonymous

    С Днем Рождения (диплом с отличием и различия), чтобы мастер Владимир со всем экипажем … Слава и жизнь в России для реальных человеческих ценностей

  2. johnUK

    Great! I know Anatoly Karlin is writing his own book about Putin and Russia in the future but will the book be sufficiently critical of Putin and the effect his policies have on Russia’s long term interests in the future both foreign and domestic rather than opposed to western interests in Russia including pre-9/11 US western foreign policy before their detour into the Mid East regarding Caspian energy and transit routes that bypass EU dependency on Russia pipeline contracts via Turkey and Turkic/Ottoman affiliated regions?

    Caspian energy reserves are still the number 1 US/EU foreign policy objective including our Mid East policy that explains why Iraq not Iran was targeted after 9/11 and our current Iran and Syrian driven war policy.

    Not to say that western criticisms of Russia in some major aspects are without basis that have always existed or become worse since the collapse of the USSR that Putin has failed to address or become part of his system like corruption, ethnic strife (although that is true in France as well) and racist violence, bureaucracy, failure to create a more open political environment independent of Kremlin connections, freer main stream press, government accountability, etc.

    The main gripes I have about Putin regarding Russia is never addressed or discussed by anyone that I could probably list in about 5 major bullet points.

  3. Olivia Kroth

    Hello Alexandre,

    I have prepared a book report about your new book for PRAVDA, English edition, taking most of my info from Jon Hellevig’s blog.

    Now I see that you have some further details. May I use them, too (your phone numbers, for example)?

    Also I have included short biographies of you two co-editors. But I cannot find the city where you were born, and what studies you pursued before moving to Moscow.

    Could you please contact me via email? Thank you.



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