La phrase du jour par Vlad Sobell

Lu sur ROPV

I would, therefore, give the following advice to Western democracies that want ultimate power fall into the hands of Medvedev (or, eventually, someone other than Putin): 
First, stop censoring the Russian regime and please note that it is supported by vast majority of the electorate. 
Second, focus on your own problems – namely, the moral decay and systemic flaws of your economies.

Russia’s governance will normalize more quickly if the West stops interfering in its domestic affairs. This is the only realistic way forward.

2 thoughts on “La phrase du jour par Vlad Sobell

  1. yves

    What the US and others western countries had taken for granted since 1945:unconditional surrender.
    After the collapse of the USSR,Mr Mikhail Gorbatchov looked soft and Boris Eltsin easy to control.
    Everything change in 2000 Vladimir Poutine in charge the dream did not come true (the unconditional surrender of the Russia economy)today Russia is a free country.
    Thanks Mr Poutine.


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