A very clear analysis from Timothy Post

Since this last 3 years, i have been reading comments from pseudo specialists about Russia which sometimes made me laugh, sometimes upseted me and sometimes were making me feel totally depressed .. Many of those comments were made by people who weresupposed to be “specialists” )).. Whatever today i red this short analysis from Timothy POST and i founded that is was so clear and logical that i decided to post it ! You can find Timothy on Facebook.

Think of the Russian presidents since perestroika as a continuum which started with a closed society and a planned economy and has as its destination a modern liberal democracy (think: France).
– The first 8 years of Yeltsin’s rule was a messy dismantling of the old system. The dislocation was perhaps unnecessarily rough but the job was finished. 
– Putin’s 8 years were about regrouping and stabilization. The key goal and accomplishment of Putin’s was that Russia was able to stand on its own two feet and was beholden to no organization (IMF, World bank, etc.) or country (USA, Germany, China, etc.). 
– Medvedev’s 8 years are all about modernizing (i.e. bringing Russia up to Western European standards)“.

One possible scenario would be for Putin to shift over to become head of the Supreme Court and a women appointed Prime Minister with the expectation that she will become President after Medvedev in 2016. This will enable Putin to continue to play a stabilizing role and also for him to take his place his unique place in history as the only person to have served as head of FSB, President, Prime Minister, and head of Supreme Court.

These guys are all on the same team and want the same thing- to ensure that Russia is self-sufficient  (economically and militarily), a full partner amongst the leading nations of the world, and to improve living standards. 

So far they have executed very well on this plan.

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