Russian federation sitrep by Patrick Amstrong (14/08/2010)


“This summer’s exceptional heat sparked hundreds of wildfires in Russia (map here). The response showed many deficiencies in organisation and law. The worst appears to be over now but satellites still show nearly 500 fires. There will be political casualties – possibly even including Moscow’s Mayor who was out of town until Monday. 
A number of news outlets are trying to spin this into yet another story of the imminent collapse of the “Putin system” – see, for example, the amusing exchange in which a French reporter tries to get Alexandre Latsa to spin it that way. (Google “Latsa dissonance” and go down ‘till you find it).” 

1 thought on “Russian federation sitrep by Patrick Amstrong (14/08/2010)

  1. olivia kroth

    Hello Alexander,

    I did not find this encounter with treacherous

    Ms Olleric from FRANCE 2 all that amusing.

    She wanted you to tell her about “Vladimir

    Putin’s failure” ? That is not funny at all.

    Does she think people living in Russia

    are traitors ? Buh, Ms Olleric !

    Stay in France, stay away from Russia,

    and don’t bother honest people with

    strange requests.


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