Vladimir Poutine a donné une interview très interessante a CNN, à lire et écouter ici , ou pour la version de Russia Today c’est la. Extraits :
“We have serious reasons to believe that American citizens were right at the heart of the military action. This would have implications for American domestic policy. If this is confirmed, we will have grounds to suspect that somebody in the U.S. has created this conflict to aggravate the situation and create a competitive advantage for one of the presidential candidates”.
“As far as the perception of these events by the general public goes, it depends not only on politicians, but also on how artful they are in controlling the mass media. And our American colleagues do this much better than we do and there’s a lot we can learn from them”. “We didn’t attack anyone, we were attacked and therefore we need guarantees that we won’t be attacked again, and that our citizens won’t be killed. They are trying to present us as aggressors”. “For eight years while I was President I often heard one and the same question – what place does Russia think it should occupy in the world? We are a peace-loving state and want to co-operate with all our neighbours and other states. But if someone thinks they can just come in and kill us, and that our place is in the cemetery, these people should think of the consequences of such policies”.


Une autre ITV, très intéressante, celle de Pat BUCHANAN dont vous pouvez consulter le site internet la

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